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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

2Days 1Night Trip to Beris Lake at Sik, Kedah, Malaysia

I was on a trip to Tasik Beris (Lake Beris) Sik, Kedah for 2 days for a team building activity organised by my company in July 2015. Our journey started at 10.00am from Penang to Sik, Kedah and the entire journey took us approximately 2 hour and 15 minutes.  This remote and isolated area lies on the north flank of Kedah state, bordering Thailand, with the nearest major town being Gurun. 

To get there, we exit Gurun/Yan/Jeniang/Sik from the North-South Expressway. After the Gurun toll plaza, the bus we took turned right at the junction and head towards Jeniang and Sik. The journey to Beris Lake from there took us approximately another 45 minutes (approx. 48-50km) and passing by green paddy fields, villages and remote areas.  Tasik Beris is located in Sik, Kedah and it is famous for its grape vineyard too. The vineyard is located on the right side, before reaching Beris Lake Resort.  
Woke up to this beautiful view
Woke up to this beautiful view
Peace, strength and serenity
Back to Nature
Back to Nature
The "Durian" also known as "king of fruits" is distinctive for its large size, strong odour  and formidable thorn-covered husk  
Here’s a bit on info about this place. Beris Lake (also known as Tasik Beris) is a large man-made lake which is resulted from the construction of the Beris Dam. We were told that Tasik Beris was one of the newest man made dam in Malaysia and it was developed in 2000. It was a beautiful place with tree structures and top water grass filled the lake. Tasik Beris is one of the hot spot for anglers that enjoy freshwater fishing and boating activities. There is also an animal farm found in this resort. Among the endangered and vulnerable species found here are: deer, ostrich, goat, horse, porcupine and peacock. Boats and guides can be organised from your accommodation and guides are available if you wish to explore the forest trails.  
I must have flowers, always, and always
What's a garden without butterflies?
“What's that smell?"
"Sometimes there has to be a goat on some level, and I'm totally fine with that being me"
An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain
“Peace begins with a smile” - Mother Teresa
If you have gained the trust of a horse, you've won a friend for life
As we travel along Sik, and the sky was clear and we were blessed to watch such beautiful scenery. The lake here acts like a perfect mirror, reflecting the image of the sky! Indeed beautiful.
Our first obstacle - water confident activity
Our first obstacle - water confident activity
We started our first day with water activities like Water Confident and Lake Crossing. Everyone was feeling a little nervous as we were not ready for this. During the lake crossing activity, all of us were given the task of moving all our members to an island with approximately 180 meters far. To complete the task, we were given life jackets and a long rope. The walk across the lake was challenging but completely worth it. All you need for all these activities are just physical fitness, stamina and of course proper attire. 
Our second obstacle - lake crossing activity
Our second obstacle - lake crossing activity
Our second obstacle - lake crossing activity
Our day 1 night outing was the jungle trekking, which lasted for nearly 1 ½ hour(s). The trek was very steeps with uneven surfaces to climb over with every step. During that point, I was convinced I was going to injure myself or worse slip! Well, after much effort and struggles we made it to the top, of course with proper guidance from the instructor. There we learnt about the jungles and how to survive in it and above all, we learnt to enjoy the jungles too! 
Team work makes dream work
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" - Michael Jordan
Unity is strength
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships" - Michael Jordan
 Sports foster many things that are good, teamwork and leadership - Daley Thompson
Self-built bamboo raft
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
On the following day, we started the day with building our own bamboo raft before heading to Gazambo Island. The session started with a brief orientation on safety and equipment and then the group was divided up into six teams of six-seven members each. At each site we confronted a few challenges: (i) building our own bamboo raft (with limited time and resources) and (ii) the task of moving all members via our self-built bamboo raft over to Gazambo Island. I had never been experienced anything like this before and it was my first self-made bamboo rafting experience.  Somehow I did, I did slip and I did fall over but I truly enjoyed the excitement although it was challenging. The rafting trip was a one-hour excursion, with a length of 450-500meters long. We later spent 30-40 minutes exploring the little Gazambo Island before cruising the Beris Lake.  Here at Gazambo Island, we picked our own favourite tropical fruits such as rambutan and cempedak directly from the local trees grown in this island.  
Not as easy as it looks
Off to Gazambo Island with our bamboo raft
We continued on our journey across this vast lake and the scenery was so captivating that I really enjoyed this trip. The place was stunningly beautiful and it gets better during sunset. The sun was merciful, cloudy and the place was cool. I must admit that for this trip, I brought back something that worth more than our team trophies which are: Friendship and Great Memories!  
“The world is quiet here” - Lemony Snicket
How beautiful it is to be alive! - Henry S. Sutton
Overall, it was a fruitful trip with beautiful scenery, nice weather, fresh air and good mood! 
And check-out our two-day team-building programme here:

Day 1: 31 July 2015  
Morning: Penang → Tasik Beris, Sik, Kedah 
Afternoon: Arrival and Check-in → Lunch → Water Safety Briefing → Water Confident and Lake Crossing (180 meter) Activities → Afternoon Tea (Durian Buffet)
Evening: Seafood BBQ Dinner → Night Jungle Trekking → Supper   

Day 2: 1 August 2015
Morning: Breakfast → Build Bamboo Raft → Morning Tea 
Afternoon: Rafting Activity to Gazambo Island → Explore Gazambo Island → Cruise along Beris Lake & Lunch → Check-out  
Evening: Depart home  

◊Lake Crossing (180 meter)
◊Water Confident
◊Kayaking / Bamboo Rafting
◊Day / Night Jungle and Forest Trekking
◊Flying Fox
◊Explore Gazambo Island
◊Cruise along Beris Lake
◊Picnic / Camping
◊Animal Farm
◊Explore tropical and sub-tropical fruits orchard (durian, rambutan, cempedak)
◊Other nature experience(s) 

D’Puncak Bris Lake Resort
Tasik Beris (Lake Beris) Resort, 08200 Sik, Kedah, Malaysia 
Telephone: +60134290084  
e-mail: puncakberis@yahoo.com 
Facebook: D' Puncak Bris Lake Resort  

Place(s) of Interest:
Beris Lake Vineyard (Ladang Anggur Tasik Beris)
Address: Lot 264, Kampung Ternas
08200 Sik, Kedah Darul Aman 
Telephone: +604-4620466  
Mobile: +019-5667908
Fax: +604-4620611
e-mail:  excel_agro@yahoo.com 
Opening Hour(s): 9.30 am - 6.30 pm
Activity: Self-Harvesting : RM40/kg
Estate Entry: Adult – RM6.00
“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open” – Jawaharial Nehru

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