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Friday, 22 May 2015

Eat, Pray, Love in Bali. Our 6Days 5Nights (6D5N) Itinerary in Bali, Indonesia

Finally got time to “re-live” our Bali trip after so loonng (4 years). Yes, we traveled to Bali, Indonesia in 2011. This post was triggered by the many memories of our past Bali trip. We had just downloaded 200 pics and had uploaded a few of them in our Instagram account.

For this trip, we took Singapore Airlines and spent 6days, 5nights in Bali.  We arrived Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali on 18 Jan 2011 night and proceed to Tune Hotel for check-in and late dinner along Legian Street, Kuta.

On 19 January 2011 (day 2), Pak Made, our local driver picked us up from Kuta and headed us to Green Field Hotel in Ubud. For this trip, we spent some quiet time (4days,3 nights) there as Ubud is less crowded compared to Kuta. It took us approximately 2 hour drive from Kuta. Along the way, we hit the sightseeing circuit straight away since there was very little precious time to be wasted. A trip to Bali is never complete without visiting at least one temple. The island has over 20,000 pura (temples in Balinese) and even though it’s impossible to visit them all, a few of them are really worth the time and effort.
Gorgeous Tanah Lot Temple at high tide
Stunning Tanah Lot Temple
The first ever monument we set our foots in was the photogenic, Tanah Lot (Land in the Sea), a temple perched on a rocky outcrop in the sea. This is by far my favourite temple in Bali. During low tide, the temple is accessible and joined to the land. During high tide, the temple appears to sit on an island away from the land. At the time we went there, it was high tide and plenty of tourists.  
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple with breathtaking view of Beratan lake
On our ride to the hotel, we made our next stop at Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, built in 1633 and one of the most iconic and photographed temples in Bali. The temple is surrounded and reflected by the lake, and its misty mountain backdrop highlights its serene beauty.  
One for the album @ Taman Ayun
Taman Ayun Temple means beautiful garden and
is the only temple complex exposing the Balinese traditional building structure
On that same day, we also visited Taman Ayun Temple, literally known as “beautiful garden”. The place is surrounded by green gardens with ponds and trees, and the temple area has those thatched multi-roofed shrines (meru) that signifies Balinese temples. We enjoyed walking around it while taking pictures and enjoying the view. The weather on day 2 was just lovely for photos!
Breathtaking view at Kintamani Batur Lake and Volcano
Day 3 (20 January 2011) was an eventful day.  Pak Made picked us up from the hotel to our first pitstop of the day, Ubud Market then Ubud Palace. We then moved on to Kintamani Batur Lake and Volcano. This was the first time I’m seeing an active volcanic mountain with over thousand metres above sea level now, with cool atmosphere.
The Luwak that produces "Luwak Coffee"

Pay if you want to taste Luwak Coffee
The journey continued with a visit to Luwak Coffee Plantation where we drank coffee made from beans that have passed through the digestive system of “Luwak”. For those of you whom don't know what is Luwak Coffee , here’s a little info:  Luwak is a "musang ", so called “fox” in Bali which eats only the best coffee fruit! We walked around the plantation with a guide explained how Luwak coffee is produced and tasted a cup of popular, and often wildly expensive Luwak coffee. After that, we went for a quick lunch at Warung Nyoman Ayam Betutu. 
Balinese goes to Tampak Siring Temple to seek ablution and blessing from Gods

The locals believe the waters from this pool to have magic curative powers

Traditional architecture of a Balinese Temple

Balinese wall pillar
Right after lunch, we moved to Tampak Siring Temple (Tirtha Empul Temple) built in the late 10th century, the most notable landmark in Bali. The place is best known for the mythical water emerging out from the land of which the locals treat it as holy water. It was a beautiful sight to see locals and foreigners move through every water spring to make a prayer. We then moved on to Gunung Kawi Temple. 

Balinese hand painted products
Tegalalang is a great place to spend a day taking in the sights and sounds of nature
Massive water at GitGit Waterfall
Our next stop was Tegallalang Rice Terrace and Gitgit Twin Waterfall (GTW).  Tegallalang Rice Terraces located in hill bank is famous for its beautiful scenes of rice paddies that wrapped around the beautiful green hills. From street level, you can walk down a small dirt path all the way down to admire the fields from below. On that same day, we had dinner at the renowned Bebek Bengil aka Dirty Duck Dinner, Ubud. The restaurant was first started in 1990, serving original crispy duck. 
Boat ride for dolphin sightseeing
No contact with dolphins allowed
Sunrise at Lovina
One of our favourite days in Ubud (day4), we woke up early and arrived at the famed Lovina Beach at Singaraja, the north part of Bali at 5.30 a.m. and was really grateful as the weather was good. We managed to watch sunrise and wild dolphins swimming through a few times, although it was just a 3- 5 seconds view of the dolphins! The entire tour lasted for about 2 hours, worth the visit! After that, the driver dropped us at Ubud Royal Palace (Puri Saren Agung) for a quick stop and Sukawati Art Market,very close to Celuk Village, selling all sort of handicrafts. We bought a Buddha image painting. 
Ubud Royal Palace (Puri Saren Agung)
Later in the afternoon, we went to Sedona Spa Ubud for a true pampering session. It was indeed a much-deserved one after 3 days of sight-seeing and walking. I had my 3-hour(s) spa session (flower bath) and organic massage: Traditional Balinese massage + Facial + Cream Bath + Medicure/Pedicure.  Totally satisfied! Nevertheless I was pampered like a princess throughout the whole trip. Later, dinner was at Naughty Nuri's Warung.  

Standing 150 meters tall is the Hindu God statue, Vishnu

Garuda, King of Birdsat GWK
Myself and a statue at GWK
Day 5 journey (22 January 2011) featured a trip to GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) Cultural Park. The park features 2 huge statues; Garuda and Vishnu. Lunch was at Ayam Tulang Lunak Molioboro. Right after lunch, we headed to Uluwatu Temple, a quiet temple area over-looking the mighty waves crashing against the rocky cliffs. We spent some time monkeying around the temple on top of the cliffs and we got a little bit of exercise out of it!
***Tip(s): We decided to skip the Kecak Dance (monkey dance) at Uluwatu as they are too commercial and superficial to us. Well, it’s entirely up to you. We suggest you read up other travel blogs/sites on what make sense for you. 
The majestic cliff setting of Uluwatu Temple

Residents of Uluwatu Temple
Grandpa Monkey?
*Beware of Monkeys* - We were also told by the local guides to be careful with the monkeys roaming around the temple area (Chengy wasn’t very happy about this). Along the way, Made drove us to Nusa Dua Resort Area, Dreamland Beach, Blue Point Glass Wedding Chapel,  Blue Point Villa @ Jimbaran to enjoy the beautiful panorama view and breeze on the cliffs.
At Blue Point Bay Villa
We also spent our last night in Kuta visiting Discovery Mall,  Bintang Supermarket in Champuan and Geneva Handicraft Centre selling handicrafts and wood crafts items (jewelry, silk scarves, beaded purses and jewelry, batik, pottery, home wares). Geneva Handicraft Centre is a fixed price shop. It's difficult to recommend only one shop where you might find all the items you want under one roof.  

***Tip(s): After that, the driver took us to Jimbaran Beach for seafood dinner by the bay.  We were told that it is a great place to taste some fresh catch from the sea. No doubt it’s a wonderful place to date / dine with a friend or partner, this sunset dinner by the bay is a little pricey than at other seafood restaurants not located on a beach. The place is over polluted and overcrowded with tourists too. We’ve read from several travel sites (prior to our trip) that this place is a bit of a tourist trap and decided not to bother and requested him to drop us back to our hotel.

23 January 2011, since it was our last day in Bali and our departure time was 13.00 in the afternoon, we woke up early to catch the sunrise on Kuta Beach and then spent some time at Pasar Badung and Pasar Kimbasari. Despite being sad and melancholy about leaving, we tried to make the most of it.

Bali is not just about temples and adventure activities. There are performing arts, local cultural festivals too. If you are planning to drive around Bali like what we did, we would suggest that you carry along a map of Bali before heading out so that you can cover many sites on the way. Till next time, Bali, you will be missed! 

Day 1: 18 January 2011
KUTA: Arrived Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar, Bali - Check-in Tune Hotel, Kuta – Dinner at Bamboo Corner - Legian Street - Bali Bombing Memorial 

Day 2: 19 January 2011
BALI (UBUD): Tanah Lot - Taman Ayun Temple – Lunch @Andi Jaya – Check-in Green Field Hotel Ubud  - Move to Bedugul - Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple - Danau Buyun & Tamblingan – Dinner @ Satri’s Warung (Banana Chicken) 

Day 3: 20 January 2011
BALI (UBUD): Ubud Market - Ubud Palace - Kintamani Batur Lake and Volcano - Luwak Coffee PlantationLunch @ Warung Nyoman Ayam Betutu  - Tirtha Empul Temple - Gunung Kawi Temple - Tegalalang Rice Terraces - Gitgit Twin Waterfall (GTW) - Dinner at Ubud Bebek Bengil/Dirty Duck Dinner

Day 4: 21 January 2011
BALI (UBUD): Sunrise Dolphin Watching Tour @Lovina Beach - Ubud Royal Palace (Puri Saren Agung) –  Sukawati Art Market - Lunch @ Pundi-Pundi Grill & Asian Cuisine – Sedona Spa Ubud  – Dinner @ Naughty Nuri's Warung

Day 5: 22 January 2011
BALI (UBUD & KUTA): Geneva Handicrafts Center - GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) Cultural Park – Lunch @Ayam Tulang Lunak Molioboro - Nusa Dua Resort Area - Dreamland Beach  - Blue Point Glass Wedding Chapel -  Blue Point Villa @ Jimbaran - Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu) - Dinner @ Kuta Made Warung - Discovery Mall / Bintang Supermarket in Champuan/ Geneva Handicraft Centre for shopping - Legian Street

***Tip(s): How to dress: Remember to bring a sarong if you visit a temple (Uluwatu Temple). If you don’t have a sarong, you can borrow one for free at most temples.

Day 6: 23 January 2011
Kuta Beach  - Pasar Badung - Pasar Kimbasari - Depansar Monument - Discovery Mall

Air Itinerary Details:
Singapore Airlines: Penang – Singapore (T2) – Denpasar / Denpasar - Singapore (T2) – Penang
From                   To                       Flight            Date            Dep         Arr
Penang                  Singapore T2     MI0353          18 Jan            1015          1140
Singapore T2       Denpasar            SQ0946          18 Jan            1630         1910
Denpasar              Singapore T2     SQ0943          23 Jan            1300         1530
Singapore T2       Penang                MI0358          23 Jan            1855          2020
One for the album @ Green Field Ubud
Where to Stay <Accommodation(s)>:
(i) Green Field Hotel Ubud
Address: Jl. Pengosekan Ubud Gianyar Bali Indonesia 80571
Telephone: +62-361-975 798
Room Type: Bale Bunga
Rate: IDR 250,000/night/nett  (inclusive of Breakfast and Service-Charge)

(ii)Tune Hotel, Kuta
Address: Jalan Kahyangan Suci (Off Jalan Pantai Kuta), Kuta / Tuban, Bali, Indonesia
Telephone: N/A
Room Type: Double Room
Rate: IDR 190,080/night (inclusive of room charge, maintenance charge, admin fee) 
for 18 Jan
Rate: IDR 153,780/night (inclusive of room charge, maintenance charge, admin fee) 
for 22 Jan

What to Do <Sedona Spa Ubud Package>:
Address: Jl. Raya Campuhan Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
(Close to Bintang Supermarket and Behind Modena Male SPA)
Telephone: +62 361 975770
Package Rate: IDR 300-400,000 Javanese Lulur (17 Century Javanese Royal treatment) + Facial + Hair Cream Bath + Medicure/Pedicure  

How to Get There <Local Transportation>:
Driver(s): Gede or Made Jiwa
Telephone: +62 812 467 3344 / +62 812 366 8893
e-mail: gede_karmayasa@yahoo.com
Rate: IDR1600,000 for 6D5N (return airport pick-up) Inclusive of petrol, driver meals, parking ticket and mineral water)

What to See <Places of Interest / Entrance Ticket(s)>: 
◊ Tanah Lot (Ubud) – IDR20,000/pax
◊ Taman Ayun Temple (Ubud) – IDR30,000/pax
◊ Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple (Ubud) – IDR10,000/pax
◊ Danau Buyan & Tamblingan Lake & Danau Bratan – IDRxxxxx/pax
◊ Gunung Batur, Gunung Agung & Lake Batur – IDR5,000/pax
◊ Luwak Coffee Plantation – IDR30,000/pax
◊ Tirtha Empul Temple – IDR30,000/pax
◊ Gunung Kawi Temple – IDR6,000/pax
◊ Ubud Market – FOC
◊ Ubud Royal Palace (Puri Saren Agung) – IDR80,000/pax
◊ Kintamani Batur Lake and Volcano
◊ Tirtha Empul Temple – IDR15,000/pax
◊ Gunung Kawi Temple – IDR15,000/pax
◊ Tegalalang Rice Terraces –  - IDR5,000/pax
◊ Sukawati Art Market – FOC
◊ Bintang Supermarket – FOC
◊ Geneva Handicrafts Center – FOC
◊ GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) Cultural Park – - IDR80,000/pax
◊ Nusa Dua Resort Area – FOC
◊ Dreamland Beach - FOC
◊ Blue Point Glass Wedding Chapel -  FOC
◊ Blue Point Villa @ Jimbaran – FOC
◊ Uluwatu Temple (Pura Luhur Uluwatu) -  IDR20,000/pax
◊ Gitgit Twin Waterfall (GTW) - IDR3,000/pax
◊ Sunrise Dolphin Watching Tour @Lovina Beach - IDR80,000/pax
◊ Kuta Beach - FOC
◊ Pasar Badung – FOC
◊ Pasar Kimbasari – FOC
◊ Depansar / Bajra Sandhi Monument – FOC
◊ Discovery Mall – FOC 

Where to Eat <Recommended Restaurant/Café(s) in Bali>:
◊Bamboo Corner (Kuta)
◊Andi Jaya (Ubud)
◊Satri’s Warung (Banana Chicken) (Ubud)
◊Kintamani Volcano Buffet Lunch (Ubud)
◊Bebek Bengil / Dirty Duck (Ubud)
◊Pundi- Pundi Grill & Asian Cuisine (Ubud)
◊Nacho Mama (Warung Nuri) (Ubud)
◊Wayan Café (Ubud)
◊Ayam Tulang Lunak Molioboro (Kuta)
◊ Warung Made (Kuta) 

Reservation: Bebek Bengil – Ubud:
Address: Jalan Hanoman, Padang Tegal, Ubud, Bali 80571 Indonesia
Telephone: +62 361 975489 / 977675
Business hours: Mon - Sun 10:00 a.m. - 23:00 p.m.
Website: http://bebekbengil.com
FB: Bebek Bengil - Official
Note: All entrance / transportation fees and accommodation rates/charges listed on this post are based on our (chengywong.blogspot.com) travel dates (2011) and therefore subject to change(s). ©chengywong.blogspot.com is not responsible for content on external web sites.  
“I crossed the street to walk in the sunshine”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love
Welcome to Small World! This blog is not a travel agency, but rather a personal site which allows us to share our past travel experiences in a straightforward and far-reaching way. We often made great use of other peoples travel blogs and sites every time we plan for our travel itinerary as they often contained most updated information and invaluable resources from their past travel experiences.  We hope that you will find every piece of information & images contained within our blog handy and useful. Thank you very much for reading our post(s). If you find this blog worth a read, please feel free to leave a comment/testimonial or click "Like/Share" if you love reading them all. xoxo Both Chengy & Camel are passionate travelers who enjoys speaking to young keen travelers about the freedom to get cultured and to taste the fullness of life. Feel free to contact them if you need any travel advice, guidance or tips or if you have any burning questions with regards to your upcoming trip(s)/ journey
- Be inspired but more importantly be inspiring -


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