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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Our 5 Days Itinerary in Macau : Guide to Must-See (Part 3)

One of the best things we did in Macau was watching the highly acclaimed show - House of Dancing Water performance. On the 3rd day of our trip (15 January 2015), we headed to the City of Dreams for the show. We took the shuttle bus in front of Hotel Sintra (along San Ma Lou) that dropped us at the City of Dreams located along the Cotai Strip.   

After hearing so much hype all over the internet, I'm glad we decided to go and experience it ourselves. We went into this show with high expectations, having read some very promising reviews and saw the astronomical production cost. The House of Dancing Water is 90 minutes of visual treat.

The boat scene - filled with water
The fountain scene
The fountain scene
Water fountains
Four swings running simultaneously with performers flying all across the room in a choreographed routine
Well, the story line is simple - about a battle of a young brave stranger trying to rescue his true love, a beautiful Princess who was thrown into a cage by her evil stepmother, the Dark Queen.

We were thrilled by the amazing water, land, and aerial stunts, acrobatics, and gymnastics from an international cast, in a hi-tech transforming stage - with stimulating choreography, costumes, music, lights, and water and optical effects. My favorite part of the show was the amazing stage which featured the boat scene and the spectacular motocross stunt scene. The lighting was also spectacular. 
Acrobatics jump
Mountain bikes zooming up and down the tracks. Amazing!
The show was spectacular and the design of the stage was unbelievable with it being a deep pool one minute and dry land the next. One of the most amazing aspects of the show to me was the engineering that went into the set. Although tickets were quite pricey but it was well-worth it. A definite “must-see” for anyone visiting Macau.
Dancing Water Theater : The Stage after the show
Here are some facts and figures about The House of Dancing Water:
The House of Dancing Water is a truly unique show in every sense. Following five years of development, two years of rehearsal, and with production investment running at over HKD2 billion (USD250 million), this incredible production has become the iconic entertainment centerpiece of City of Dreams and is deservedly garnering a growing international reputation as one of the most innovative and awe-inspiring productions to be staged anywhere in the world.
The world’s largest and most spectacular water-based show is an over HKD2 BILLION (USD250 MILLION) world-class production that is exclusive to Macau.
Personally created and directed by the world’s greatest show maker Mr. Franco Dragone, this is his first water-based show launched in Asia.
The Dancing Water Theater is a 270-degree theater-in-the-round, with a central stage at a diameter of approximately 65 feet. 
The House of Dancing Water features approximately 239 independent water jets built into the stage lifts, providing water fountain effects up to approximately 18 meters in height. There are 11 hydraulic ten-ton elevators making the stage possible to convert from aquatic to solid floor in less than a minute.
The purpose-built theater contains one of the most spectacular commercial pools in the world, holding upto approximately 3.7 million gallons (approximately 17 million liters of water) of water which is about FIVE Olympic-sized swimming pools, and is one of the largest water-based theaters in the world.
Performed by a superb cast of approximately 90 international performance artists artistically trained by Mr. Franco Dragone’s talented Associate Director Mr. Giuliano Peparini and approximately 160 world-class production staff, technicians and professional divers from more than 25 countries around the world.
The final Macau show cast comprises approximately 80 performers from over 25 nationalities: approximately 45 Acrobats and Gymnasts; approximately 10 Tanzanian performance group Pyramid; approximately 7 Dancers; approximately 4 Musicians; approximately 7 Motorcycle stuntmen.  

It's a world-class production and indeed a show unlike any other. This show will definitely be enjoyed by all ages with it's dazzling costumes, special effects and record breaking acts never seen before in a theater. Don't miss it!  

We bought our tickets online through an agent with seats pre-allocated to us. So, its highly recommended that you book your tickets through The House of Dancing Water official website or purchase your ticket on the spot.
My tickets to the show. It was indeed a good show.
For more info:
Dancing Water Theater at City of Dreams
Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau 
Tel: (853) 8868 6688 
Fax: (853) 8867 668
Website: http://thehouseofdancingwater.com/en/  

Since Macau has many luxurious hotels and casino resorts in town, I am going to share with you some interesting part of many of these hotels/resorts that I've visited during this trip. All casino resorts in Macau need a "wow" factor to attract visitors. From dazzling diamond to crystals , to dancing fountains, to dragon fortune spins - that sort of thing. I was really amazed with the grand interior design where some casino resorts prefer to have huge marine aquarium in their lobby hall and one with musical fountain that dance to the rhythm of the music with rainbow lights. Here’s the list of hotels and casino resorts that we've visited with their shows schedule.

1.Galaxy Macau
Performance(s) & Schedule: 
Wishing Crystals (Daily) 
Fortune Diamond Show (Sundays - Thursdays: 10.00am. - 11:59 pm ; Fridays, Saturdays and Public Holidays: 10am – 2am (every 30 minutes) 
Fountain Show (Sundays - Thursdays: 10.00am. - 11:59 pm; Fridays, Saturdays and Public Holidays: 10am – 2am (every 30 minutes)
Wave your hands by the crystals and watch them pulse with light and music!

Levitating Diamond
Giant "diamond" merges from the Galaxy Macau's lobby fountain with flashing colored spotlights
The fountain under a chandelier where it floats out the "Diamond"

2.The Venetian
 Performance(s) & Schedule: 
The Grand Canal (Daily)
◊ The Venetian hotel lobby 
The Grand Canal at Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau classical designed rooftop
3.Wynn Hotel / Esplanade
Performance(s) & Schedule:
Water Fountain (Lake Show) (11.00am – 12.00 midnight daily; every 15 minutes)
Tree of Prosperity & Dragon of Fortune Shows featuring spectacular movement of sculptures, video, lights and musics. The Rotunda also includes a Chinese Zodiac dome. (From 10.00am – 2.00am daily, alternate shows every 30 minutes)

Wynn Macau's Water Fountain (Performance Lake) at night
Wynn Macau's Water Fountain (Performance Lake) at night
Wynn Macau's Water Fountain (Performance Lake) at night
The Dragon of Fortune emerges from the basement breathing flames. Amazing!
The powerful Dragon of Fortune emerges and rises to a height of 28 feet
The gold cupola on the ceiling features the twelve animals from the Chinese zodiac

4.City of Dreams 
Performance(s) & Schedule:  
Mermaid Show at City of Dreams (Daily)

The virtual aquarium at City of Dreams
5.MGM Macau 
Performance(s) & Schedule:
Water-sky Aquarium / Light & Sound Show (Daily from 7pm to 11pm)

The main lobby of MGM Macau
MGM Water Aurora - 8-meter tall cylindrical aquarium
One for the album
Shuttle Bus Services to Cotai Strip
◊ Galaxy Macau Promenande – FOC. Take shuttle bus from Star World Hotel, available from 10:00 - 24:05,  frequency 8-15 minutes or take bus # 11/15/22/28A/33 from Senado Square and stop at Rua de Cunha and walk for 10-15minutes.
◊ The Grand Canal (Venetian) – FOC.  Take shuttle bus from Sands Macau Hotel, available from 10:00 - 00:00, frequency 5-15minutes or take bus # 11/15/22/28A/33 from Senado Square and stop at Rua de Cunha and walk for 10-15 minutes.
◊ City of Dreams – FOC. Take shuttle bus from Galaxy Macau, available from 11:00 - 23:00, frequency 5-15 minutes or shuttle bus from Hotel Sintra along San Ma Lo, available from 11:00 - 24:00, frequency 6-15 minutes.
*** Cotai Buses Connection: The Venetian to Galaxy Macau. Available from 10:00 - 23:00, frequency 5-10 minutes.
◊ Rua de Cunha - Take bus 11/15/22/28A/33 from Senado Square and stop at Rua de Cunha. 
◊ The House of Dancing Water show @ City of Dreams– MOP596. Take shuttle bus from Hotel Sintra along San Ma Lo. Available from 11:00 - 24:00, frequency 6-15 minutes.

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