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Friday, 14 November 2014

Dream Trip to Macau!

Three Most Amazing Experience that makes me wants to Macau-My-Way there:

At first, I wasn’t very sure what are the amazing things to experience in Macau besides gambling (casinos, casinos and casinos $$$) and the famous Portuguese egg tarts! Are you one of those travelers who misunderstood Macau’s real beauty like I did before this? 

If yes, please allow me to share my research expedition with you on the other side of Macau. Now, it's the end of my two-weeks research, I've changed my mind and there are just too many amazing things to do in Macau and here's my top 3 reasons (just to keep it short and sweet) that makes me want to Macau-My-Way there: 

1.   “Macau-My-Way to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Being a history buff, Macau is definitely the place I want to be. Macau is a place full of  colourful history. Did you know that Macau has an area of 29.5sq.km comprising of Macau Peninsula, Taipa, Coloane & Cotai but it has a total of more than 20 UNESCO Heritage Sites (Are you sure?????) ranging from St. Paul's Ruins, Cathedral of St. Paul to Senado Square (Largo do Senado) to A-Ma Temple and many more which are also known as “The Historic Centre of Macau” with their own respective background stories to be learned and appreciated. Macau is definitely a “place on earth that is of outstanding universal value to humanity”. Let me fly my way to these sites and grab some juicy egg-tarts with almond cookies and climb up the stairs. Stories later, stay tuned for Part 2.
Ruins of St.Paul's 
Image Credit : AirAsia.com
Guia Fotress
 Image Credit : AsiaTravelTips.com
A-Ma Temple
Image Credit : Dailymail.co.uk
Senado Square
Image Credit : Tommy Ooi Travel Guide
2.“Macau-My-Way to the very FIRST & LARGEST Venice-Meets-Vegas Cultural Extravaganza in Asia!”
This is definitely the most prominent landmark in Macau. Well, I am not really a big fan of gambling but imagine yourself walking around the world’s largest casino is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss in your lifetime. Macau is now home to the largest casino in the world and recently passed Las Vegas as the new gambling capital of the world with a Central Entertainment Complex surrounded by a convention center has a 6,000-seat banquet hall plus a luxury shopping mall that has three indoor canals with singing gondoliers and glittering crystal displays in the lobby of the hotels on the Cotai Strip had a unique angle to draw visitors in. That’s right, and even if you are not a gambler, these are still worth a visit! Ok, enough of the modernity. Next, move on to yummy food for my anxious stomach.
Grand Lisboa
Image Credit: BBC.com
The Venetian Macau
Image Credit : Fodor's Travel
The Grand Canal at Venetian Macau 
 Image Credit : theguardian.com
 3. “Macau-My-Way for Awesomelicious Food! 
 The flavors mixing from all those different influences make Macanese food really unique and delicious! Before this, the impression was Macau is for you if only you like Portuguese egg tarts. After 2-weeks of lengthy research, I am now happy to shout out loud that when it comes to food, this former Portuguese colony definitely will not disappoint you. The wide range of food variety ranging from the mouth-watering Portuguese egg tarts to peanut candies to their famed Pork Chop Bun, to Crab Congee…well, just to name a few will surely whet your appetite! My stomach is rumbling looking at those pictures! Please make my culinary journey dream come true! 
Portuguese egg tarts 
Image Credit: Macau Government Tourist Office USA Facebook Page
Almond Cookies
Image Credit: Macau Government Tourist Office USA Facebook Page
Macanese Food – Experience Macau fusion food, from the famous Portuguese egg tarts to Almond Cookies to Crab Congee!
Arts and Culture Richness – Experience the city's historic monuments, a wonderful example of the early encounter between Chinese and Portuguese civilizations blend in one City!
City of Lights – Experience the spectacular sights at the casino resorts at night!
Awe Inspiring Architecture – Experience the beautiful City paved with Asian architecture at its best, from ultra-modern to eclectic blend of Chinese and Western elements architecture!
Uniquely Water and Dance – Experience the House of Dancing Water, the only world's largest permanent water-based show!

And here’s my lovely sum up of what Macau has to offer!
Three (3) Reasons Why Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia Should Send Me for this Superb 3D2N All Expenses Paid Trip to Macau:

  1. Being a Budget Travel Blogger, let me document/feature Macau in my travel blog. I often travel and blog about my past travel experiences across Asia and share them in a far-reaching way with my fellow blog readers. Traveling to Macau has been a long time dream; a place which has been trending on “My Next Travel Destinations” wish list. Of course to most of us budget travelers; there really isn’t much budget friendly options, when it comes to accommodation in Macau. I sincerely hope Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) & Nuffnang Malaysia will send me there and let me do the honours for you and proof to my fellow blog readers that Macau is not just about gambling for the rich and is definitely not expensive to visit for budget travelers! Let me put Macau on top of my traveling list.
  1. Being a Travel Food Blogger, let me feature the real taste of Macau in my travel blog. Growing up as a Penangite, how can I resist food? I’d travel far to Ipoh, Hatyai & Bangkok to savour good food. After having spent time for this lengthy research, I found that Macau is a foodie paradise, just like my hometown Penang! To savour the best Macanese cuisine/snacks, it’s definitely not unusual for me to “Macau-My-Way” from Malaysia to this egg tarts heaven for this gourmet’s dream of mine and let me do the talk why Macau is definitely a place for you to delight your taste buds! The philosophy here is very simple, let me do the food hunt journey in Macau and share the best food joints around. After all, sharing is caring right?
  1. Being a Travel Enthusiast living in a multicultural country, let me tell you why Macau is not just casinos and what’s in it for budget and Muslim traveler. The sole reason why I want to win this contest so badly is because I have NEVER been to Macau as it is a relatively expensive travel destination. I sincerely believe that such opportunity should be granted to first time enthusiast budget travelers. I often listen to friends and family members bragged about how wonderful their Macau trip was and I really want to “Macau-My-Way” there and taste it firsthand. Of course, the 3D2N all expenses paid trip will not do its justice so, I’m gonna extend my days in Macau for at least 3 additional days to discover the beauty of every little corner in Macau  and appreciate the historical sides of this country before I step my foot off and recommend my REAL Macau Experience when I return home! 
And that wraps up why I need to Macau-My-Way there.

But this does not mean that I’ve ended my story about Macau! Yes, there is a Part 2 where I will share them when I return from Macau. 

So, what’s next?  Pick Chengy from Small World, let me “Macau-My-Way” there and tell the world what’s in it for a cultural and food budget traveler. 
Thank you Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia, the World's Leading Blog Advertising Community for this once-in-a-life-time opportunity! If I were to be selected for this trip to Macau, I will definitely enjoy every single moment in Macau and share my journey and experiences in Macau with the world.

Interested in joining the Contest?
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Do visit Nuffnang's Official Blog Post for more information about the contest.

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